Cacti, Succulents, and More...

Cliffs and Canyons

Opuntia on steep rocky cliff

(Photograph = Opuntia spinosibacca, Patrick Denker) Introduction Cliffs and bluffs along rivers can be home to many cacti and succulents. Similarly, rocky soils at the base of the cliffs can make good homes. The Details Steep cliffs can be difficult for cacti to colonize, but they can also be safe havens, free from the pressures […]

Opuntia of the Galapagos...

Opuntia megasperma var megasperma

(Photograph = Opuntia megasperma var megasperma, Introduction The Galapagos Islands are far from the mainland of South America. At some time in the distant past, iguanas, birds, Opuntia, and other organisms made their way there and diverged over time into new species not found on the mainland. The Details It depends how you count them, […]

Wilcoxia poselgeri

Wilcoxia poselgeri, Arturo de la Garza

(Photograph = Wilcoxia poselgeri, Arturo de la Garza) Introduction Wilcoxia poselgeri was named variously over time. It was Echinocereus poselgeri, and it has been placed in Cereus. It was even Peniocereus at one time. The several Wilcoxia species belong to the genus Echinocereus, at least according to recent analyses. But, in this post it is Wilcoxia. The […]

Plants of Querétaro, Mex...

Hechtia sp, Querétaro, MX

(Photograph = Hechtia sp, Amante Darmanin) Introduction Santiago de Querétaro is the capital city of Querétaro state, Mexico. The state has different ecological regions: mountains, plains, dry areas, wet areas, etc. This means that there are many different types of plants in Querétaro. The Details The cacti and other xeric plants of Querétaro are diverse, and […]

Aloes, Dead Leaves, and ...

Aloe ferox flowers, Dogtooth

(Photograph = Aloe ferox flowers, Dogtooth) Introduction Aloe is a large genus spread from South Africa and Namibia to Madagascar and on to Saudi Arabia. Some of the species grow 2- or 3-m tall from a single stem. These are tree aloes. The Details A. ferox is a tree aloe found across the southern tip […]

Erythrina herbacea is a ...

Coral bean flowers, Lars Hammar

(Photograph = Coral bean flowers, Lars Hammar) Introduction Bottle plants have enlarged stems or roots, or both. If roots, you can expose the enlarged root-stem junction by removing the earth above the root. This is sort of like exposing the top half of a turnip, but in a woody plant the effect is more permanent and […]

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